What are three types of Motion Graphics?

The many motion graphics will compiled in this .also it will provide a general motion of the type of work you can complete or even charge for. Instead of discussing the numerous various styles in this article, we will focus on the justification and examples for each of video. Before I begin I wanted to offer my definition of motion graphics later I'll post about this animation and graphics design come together in motion graphics. Animation and motion graphics can most probably be used interchangeable in some situations. You will become a better motion designer if you are familiar with fundamental ideas behind each field. You have tone of interesting possibilities for adding some flair to your next video project thank to the wide variety of motion graphics that are available. Here are ten of the most common application for motion graphics.

✓Animated illustration

✓Animated logos

✓Animated tittles


✓Animated infographic

✓UI animation for app or websites



✓Presentation graphics

✓Advanced VFX.

Animated Logos

Create a dynamic animation logo to give your static business mark a motion graphics makeover. Motion graphics for logos increase visual interest while revealing information about the character of your brand .websites. For business, video, advertisement and social media post can all include animated logos for a more visually united appearance .you many even use them to bookend other branded produce.


Graphics interchange format (GIF) images that comprise many images or frames in a single file and are identified by their own graphic control extension are known as animation the frames are presented in a particular order. An animated GIF might go on forever or end after a certain number of scenes.

Animated Illustration.

Optical illusion is how animation functions. The observer perceives a series of still images as a continuous moving image when they are presented in a quick enough succession. The save idea underlies how live action filmmaking and projection function. This appearance of motion is frequently referred to as the persistence of vision by film theorists. Because the human eye and brain can only process 10 to 12 distinct images per second and can only remember an image for up to a fifteenth of a second persistence of vision is will give the impression of continually if another image replaces it throughout this time. Animation method have been used to produce moving images before there was mainstream cinema. The fundamentals of animation were applied to devices like the zoetrope and the phenakistiscope in the 19th century to give entertainment. It is animated or digitized film that generates rotational motion. The use of motion graphics and music in multimedia projects. Motion graphics make it simple to create video material in several languages. With the help of Motion graphics design you can makes animated film, advertisement, digital marketing channel, website design etc. (paramount).they work with digital technology and it brings movement to graphic and text. Adobe after effects is very important of motion graphics. JavaScript, html and css are known as most important language of motion graphics.