Explainer video

A short film known as a “explainer video” aims to clearly and engagingly explain a concept. They are widely used as marketing videos that showcase the benefits of a good or service in order to generate sales or sign-ups. They are helpful for instructive and educational purposes as a means of presenting concepts, ideas, or business protocols like health and safety training and advice. An explainer video for marketing often lasts 45 to 90 seconds, and to hold viewers’ attention, it will incorporate a snappy conversational screenplay and a visually engaging design. Explainer videos typically fall into one of two categories:

1. Explainer videos in animation

Since this is the most typical form used with digital tools, businesses of all sizes may afford to employ it. Several methods are employed, with the following being the most popular: A computerized rendition of the standard “flat” cartoon style is called 2D Vector. Using 3D models to produce animation is known as 3D animation. Animation of text, graphs, charts, and other visual elements The fundamental advantage of using animation is the tremendous amount of creative freedom it offers. You can design any kind of setting or aesthetic you like.

2. Live-action explanatory movies

This strategy is more conventional, as real people, things, and settings are used to create the videos. This might be as basic as someone speaking to the camera and presenting a good or service. Or it may be something more inventive that conveys the message through humor, a specific movie, or a certain topic. The advantage of a live-action method is that it conveys the emotive, human connection that results from using actual people. It’s a method for your brand to stand out from the competition because so many explainer videos are animated.

Why are explainer videos so powerful?

Explainer videos have evolved into the key players in online video marketing for a reason. It’s because they’re effective. They are a type of material that engages readers and increases conversion rates. But what’s actually happening? What is it about the explainer video format that produces such spectacular results? Here are a few of the traits:

Helps brands stand out

Determine precisely how your product or service may help consumers if you want to make a powerful explainer video. When you only have a few minutes to explain yourself, you must focus on the most crucial details: Exactly what do you do? Exactly why should anyone care? Why should they care about you? While these are straightforward inquiries, there are times when they are difficult to resolve. Particularly since organizations’ characteristics alter and develop throughout time. You must eliminate all of the distractions and concentrate solely on what is crucial if you want to create an explainer film.

Opens up your creative potential

Creating an explainer film cost money before digital video production and animation. Only major brands with sizable marketing budgets could afford it. Businesses of all sizes and types can now access it. With animated explainer videos, your creativity is only limited by your imagination. Any characters, settings, themes, and universes can be made. You can draw inspiration from movies, music, or anything else you think will help you connect with your clients and customers. An efficient digital process encourages innovation. It enables you to test things out and easily make adjustments or revisions if something doesn’t work out.